Changing the way customers view your business with a Brand Identity Audit.


People often say, that one’s time is their most valuable asset. Seconds turn to minutes, minutes turn to hours, then all of a sudden you’re sat here thinking. Where did my time go? Or even more concerning, I had wish I had spent my time more wisely. Owning a business is never easy, I’m sure a lot of my readers would agree that the processes and tasks they’ve endured whilst implementing their business concept into a fully grown venture have strayed far from the original perception of what was originally needed.

Therefore, In an age where every second counts, especially when running a business, one may pose the question, how is it possible to keep the service or product relevant to today’s modern landscape? See, many people at this point start questioning their credibility or value of their product /service. “Maybe my product must not be good enough?”  “I don’t feel like my product is selling because it’s too expensive?” Or “It’s impossible for my service reach a larger market share when there’s just so much competition?” I have to tell you that, these are all self limiting beliefs.

I’m sure the actuality of the situation is that (most of you) reading this have a fantastic product or service, one that is intricate, exciting and useful for your customer base, truly something that the world needs! So why isn’t it gaining the credibility to gain success? I believe it comes down to the way the general society perceives what it is your doing actually is.


To even own a business, you’ve made the choice not to listen to listen to society's ideals of what you should be doing, so why should you start now? Take the example of a traditional baker, baking bread for over 20 years, owning a bakery that has been in the family for quadruple that time. They’re tired, business is slowly declining as many of their customers are going to the supermarket to buy bread at half the price.

Amongst that, there are many external factors that are impacting the situation, the modern economic landscape, current trends, mechanical engineering, collective mentality, or even “future” automation like robotics or Artificial intelligence. An ever changing society especially alongside technology fuels the speed of that change 10x. There are so many external factors, that one might think “How can we keep up with the the demands of the present age?  

But don’t let that put you off, because let me say that nothing will take the actuality of your venture away from what it is, if you are that baker we spoke about before, you might use a particular method of bread making that has been kept in your family for generations, or you don’t add lots of chemicals or E-numbers to your product, maybe even you knead the bread in a certain way making each one unique and made with love & care, something that a machine could never do.

What if I told you, that there is a group of people desperate to buy your bread right now and spread the word of your business out to their network of people.


Yes, you might be tired of doing the same thing day and day out, Yes there may be competition, and yes those competitors may even have a cheaper product or service than you, but your venture should shine bright for what it is, and most importantly, what it stands for! What is your reason behind doing what you’re doing? Got your answer? Well great, there are people out there worldwide just waiting to hear about it. It is not your product or service completely at fault, but the way in which it is communicated to others, What are you values, what are you beliefs? What are the many things you have quite possibly overlooked in the many years spent perfecting your craft. Got those too? Well these are the things people want to hear, but communicated in a way which is convenient, emphatic & most importantly, native to them.

Why should people spend double the money buying your bread? The thing is, there is probably over 100 reasons. But consistently with venture owners, is that time and time again, they’ve understandably got deep binds to the past, times when business was booming and money was being made, but the reality of the situation- is that the landscape has changed. The model of the past doesn’t work anymore, and there needs to be a new reason communicated within the venture’s brand to bring these ideas to light. What if people flocked from all over the country for YOUR bread? And the thing is, as the landscape moves further and further away from once “traditional” processes you might find that people are actually yearning for a traditional solution in the midst of a modernised “problem”.

Time is once of the most important things, and when it’s gone it will never come back. So those who spend it on perfecting their craft have surely invested their time wisely. But when it comes to external factors, nobody can control them or their impact, not even myself. But it’s the alignment of oneself to understand the realism of the current situation and to have a strong belief that there are efficient solutions out there (somewhere), openly accessible to you, and not limited by geographical location, for these problems.

Remember it’s most likely it’s not your product or service is has become drastically invalid, it’s the way it’s perceived. And how do people perceive it? Your brand.

An up to date modernised brand, a brand which runs aligned with what you do on a day to day basis, boasting the attributes of your venture and most importantly showcasing reason to why YOU are doing it- can go far. That is why in December 2018, as part of my personal business- WeTheSeeds Creative, we launched a Brand Identity audit service- an official inspection of a local or international business’s Brand Identity in PDF format.


The audit compares and contrasts branding elements such as tone of voice, typography, colours, and house style to worldwide competition from established like-minded ventures, exposing traditional ventures to new ideas and means of application, both online and offline. Within the audit, we compare focus points of an existing business to successful worldwide models, allowing a venture owner to be exposed to a vast array of approaches to current branding which is tailored to both what they stand for, and the positive characteristics of their craft & any business milestones they want to achieve in the future. We expose them empowering brand elements that reinforce their values & allow them to really condense their target audience. The greatest thing about it all is that the Brand Identity audit is time efficient, a mere 20 minutes out of a 1440 minute day is all that is needed to have a video consultation over skype or face to face over a cup of coffee, giving them more time for to concentrate on what they do best! The document gets prepared and delivered via email within 7 days, and the best thing of all, is that it’s theirs to keep!

WeTheSeeds Creative is passionate about growing ventures, so, let us help you change your perspective, without digging away at your business. It might be the most efficient 20 minutes of your life.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” - Marcus Proust


To find out more about our cost effective Brand Identity Audits & how they can save you time & potentially boost your business’s income, check out the link at the bottom of the page!

Rikesh Patel

WeTheSeeds Creative

Rikesh Patel