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Selling on Social Media?

I’ve spoken to countless businesses in the past and they all seem to be saying the same thing- “I just don’t have the time”. With consumer attention captivated on their devices, behaviour & most importantly business is sure to follow suit. In 2018, US adults spent an average of 3 hours, 35 minutes per day on mobile devices. Slowly but surely, it is becoming apparent that the playing field is constantly changing- hand in hand with technological advancement.

With the rise of youtube sensations, instagram influencers & e-sports winners, social media platforms have adapted to the demand of the shift in public attention. Platforms such as Instagram have made it easier to reach selected audiences by paying for adverts that make it easier to expose a product or service to a specific audience. Also, over the years, they have created tools to help businesses, such as the ability to utilise call to action buttons, detailed analytics & shopping product tags that can be directly applied to one’s photos.

Content is king?

They say that “marketing” is a general term to describe the advertising and selling of your product or service, but to us, it merely means finding ways in which you can speak in the language(s) of your different types of customer(s). It means really trying to spend time casting a large net out, to then, over time, pick out the type of catch who can really empathise & love what you do.

An example of this could mean using hashtags on twitter, boosting instagram posts or sharing ideas on linked’in. Out of all of these avenues, the thing that sets the foundation is the style content that you post. Your content decides whether the look & feel of your business is credible enough to boast the attributes of your brand whilst highlighting it’s “behind the scenes” intricacies. It also allows you to visually communicate in a language which is relatable to a specific type of person.

If your customer is someone who may like the baby clothes you design, you might want to think about looking into avenues of what your customer likes looking at already. He or she may enjoy following your competition, baby store retailers, baby book authors to even parenting coaching.

The content produced can then be directed to have elements from those avenues, but have embedded new elements that wholeheartedly boast your business, giving your audience a fresh perspective that runs aligned with something their used to, but at the same time showcasing the characteristics of your business.

But I still don’t have the time!

WeTheSeeds Creative, takes the strain away from getting fresh content onto your existing social media platforms. We offer a social media content creation service where we will film (at location or on set) and edit photo and video content for you, so you can carry on concentrating on what you do best. The fresh content is all ready to post on any social media platform, which entirely runs aligned with your campaign(s) & business milestones.

With our popular “ENTERPRISE” subscription social media package, we curate content for every day of the month, so our clients can rest assured their social media journey, is up to date & organic, no matter what day it is.

If you’re a business owner looking to create and reinforce value based relationships with your existing or new customers on social media, we are very much open to be your social media content creation solution. Get in contact today to find out more.

Rikesh Patel

WeTheSeeds Creative

Rikesh Patel