Why solidifying your branding early is key to a successful business


Let’s take a look at business, from a plant perspective.

The roots of the plant- being the hours spent on accounting, administration, emails and phone calls.

The stem of the plant- being the very core specialism of your service, the thing that makes you unique and the sheer value you offer to your customers.

And the leaves- How your business is perceived from far, and what the business uses to obtain growth.

These are the elements of a business running side by side. However, a passer-byer might think, “oh, that’s plant’s a little bit too green for me!” or “I really like this plant because it’s got flowers on it & I can envision those flowers in my vase at home”.

The plant, who might have been seen as “a little bit too green” by the onlooker, may have been what they were really looking for! But in this case, the forefront perception of the plant brought around different feelings.

The importance of great branding

There is no doubt your core service (being the stem of the plant in this example) doesn’t contain a lot of substance, but sometimes it is how the substance is perceived which alters our decisions. It is important to note brand design plays an imperative part to the perception of a business. Just like the plant, a brand helps distinguish the “reasons why” customers should pick you, rather than competitors.

Showcasing your business values

Building an empathic brand creates avenues of ways to which your customer base can really understand the values & mission your business holds. The communication of these values through visual imagery, video or even social media content, creates channels (reasons) for your customers to really comprehend your business’s perspective, mission and ethos.

Not only does this break stereotypes associated to you vs your competition, this helps develop a relationship with your customers consciously & subconsciously based on something which is far deeper than one who has the intentions of solely profiting off their product or service.

I trust you not to change

Imagine a customer being like your friend, you wouldn’t want your friend to feel that you’ve changed just because you’re now in a different location, met other friends, or you’re showcasing something new that you’ve learnt.

A strong brand “house style” is having elements shown to the public such as your colour scheme(s), typography, images ect to reflect your brand in a way which is correhent. Brand house style, is the ability of your friend saying “I trust you not to change, I understand this is what you’re about, and I know no matter where I go or find you, I will receive the same deep-rooted message”. No matter what form of promotion you use, from leaflets to shop posters, from social media content to website headers, to even pages in a company presentation. All elements should follow suit to reflect your brand in a way which is the same with every piece of content.

Hey, Its you!

Lastly your accountability is most important, your brand has the power to influence, change & shift markets in a way which is empathetic and solidifying for your customer base. A strong brand will allow people to really recognise your product or service from any of it’s brand identity elements. This could even be a type of colour palette of customised typography associated to your business. In the long run, You will get to know your customers because they will open up more towards you. More people will become comfortable knowing that you are credible enough for them to spread the word about you or even buy from you directly.


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