How wall-art can help you engage more with your current customers


With design having it's core values deep rooted within the art world, for generations artists have utilised different techniques and styles to physiologically communicate ideas and values. Even within the subject of colour theory, whereby certain colour combinations are used in order to draw out emotions and feelings from their viewers has still been held at upmost importance.

For all those businesses with a physical space, offices, restaurants, bars, hotels ect. Are the lucky ones. They have a possibility to not just inhabit a welcoming environment for their guests, but to artistically cultivate an experience. Just like technological user interface (UI) & user experience design (UX), where designers get a chance to work along side human characteristics, one has the opportunity to really create a memorable experience that stays in the minds of guests forever.

Famous street artists like Shepard Fairey and Banksy has broken stereotypical connotations of the “normal” convention of where artwork “should” be exhibited. Why is it that the majority of people take time to break their busy schedule to stop and stare and even take selfies. That is because whatever they are looking at is beyond words, and just like colour theory, draws out emotions and feelings.


Wall-art plays a powerful tool when it comes to branding within a physical space. How something that can be scaled to be as big as the size of a human, can dominate a once barren wall space. All of a sudden it isn’t just an office, it isn’t just a restaurant, it’s a space that is welcoming and heartwarming all because it empathises in a way which is more aligned to the nature of the guest.

And how do I know that? Consumers these days are moving away from empathising with the typical “buy this, buy this, buy this” models. As Simon Sinek once said- “people don’t want to know what you do, they want to know why you do it..” and if businesses with physical spaces concentrated more on that, visually communicating those ideas and painting them on the walls (literally) then the establishment would be screaming ways in which guests can join hands with them and run off into the sunset.

I was in a fish and chip shop the other week (super British I know) and on the wall stretched a massive piece of wall art, with beautiful typography and colours which matched the house style of the business. On the wall it explained exactly where the produce had been locally sourced from, some information about the history of the family business, and why they are eager to carry on doing what they were doing. I personally felt that the way in which I had been exposed to those ideas alongside what the whole piece was trying to say- I felt connected with the business’s brand on a level to which it was my friend. Like it had just shared a very intimate story, with me personally.


That, is the power of visual communication. And the greatest thing is anybody with a physical establishment can utilise this empowering medium too. The agency in which I have founded- WeTheSeeds Creative, curates bespoke wall art for clients in way which runs aligned with their business values and vision. We help clients visualise and communicate ideas taking care of every stage from creating drafts to putting some dungarees and getting messy with some paint- we love it really!

Get in contact with us today, and click the link below to potentially positively change the perception of your business forever!

Rikesh Patel

WeTheseeds Creative

Rikesh Patel