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The world is making a prominent shift. It seemed like just yesterday when everyone was showing off their new Nokia 3310, customising ringtones and burning up their £20 top up just to spend a measly hour talking to their friend about some mundane happenings at school. But it didn't seem mundane then. Why? Because you were talking on this shiny new contraption- a mobile phone. Now who knew that 18 years later, nearly everybody we know carry around a battery-powered piece of glass which would connect them to not just their school friend, but to anybody in the world- almost instantly.

Just as phone companies adapted to the change of the technological landscape, other businesses did too. With most people's attention fixated on their smartphone at regular intervals of the day, it's only a mere outcome that the economic landscape moves to where the attention currently reside. Traditional mediums that target such a mass market such as radio, newspapers and magazines are slowly becoming less “relevant” as attention drifts to more spontaneous channels.


Now with social media, finding and narrowing in on an sub-audience who has the capabilities to really empathise in your brand to the ends of the earth has never been easier. And the greatest thing of all, is that it is not just a local level where traditional mediums have once conquered, but international. Wholeheartedly, this shows that it is not just the possibility of gaining a global spotlight, but the “credibility” that comes with it with in the form of “follower counts” and “likes”.

I'm a strong believer that there is two types of people using social media. Content creators, and content consumers. Content creators are behind the works of creating new content for the vast number of groups and communities, tailoring content towards particular audiences with the underlying message of brand awareness & profitability. Content consumers, however are most of the people using social media today. Scrolling down and taking in other people's content, subconsciously becoming desensitised to their brands.


So how does this benefit me? You may ask. Well, when getting a potential customer to buy into your product or service there still is that lingering issue of trust. It's just that within this social media age we have to ask the question- How can I get my customers to really trust my brand?

We have to think, what type of groups and audiences are we targeting and how can tailor content towards those them. Tailoring content in the forms of both photo and video speaks in a way that your venture might not usually- in the language of the target audience.

With the attributes of social media in this age, it is important that new content & research is being done to locate such audiences, find out who is influencing them currently, and to then tailor content towards them.

Here are WeTheSeeds Creative, we take care of all of your content creation, so all you have to do is post it. Our service comes with an initial meeting discussing what target audiences have the potential to really empathise in your brand & then taking the time to build content specifically based around them.


It's important to remember that even though your content should reflect your brand, your content always changes to stay applicable to the dynamic audiences in which it is initially tailored to.

At WeTheSeeds Creative we are passionate about making original content, filming and editing, all for the goal of helping your brand reach a larger audience. Click the link below to see our packages & to find out ways in which we can really empower your venture, from the ground up.

Rikesh Patel

WeTheSeeds Creative

Rikesh Patel